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Thursday, March 28, 2013

From elsewhere

From France, Pascal Orabi from LPO says:
I also have the pleasure to announce you first observations of the Egyptian vultures of migration in France (for the first ones: the 07/03/2013 in the department of Ardèche, 21 and 25/03/2013 in the department of the Drôme and 10/03/2013 in the department of Bouches-du-Rhône).
From Bulgaria, Stoyan Nicolov of the Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds says:
We are happy to announce that the first Egyptian vultures for 2013 already
retuned in Bulgaria from their wintering grounds (on 17.3.2013 in Southern
part of the country and on 20.3.2013  - in the Northern part).

We wish them a successful breeding season!
From Yemen, Ibrahim Al Hasani of Birdlife says:
Hi, Many Egyptian vultures (tens) migrating northwards in the south western parts of Yemen, many aggregating on waste dump sites.

From Turkey, Can Bilgen from the Middle East Technical University says:

    The first birds seem to have arrived at our study area about ten days ago.

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