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Sunday, February 9, 2014

To 9 February 2014

Assamo has spent the end of January and early February in northern Djibouti, mostly between Obock and Tadjoura. At times he has been quite settled, leading us to speculate that he might be nesting, but thus far he has always moved on and seems not to be breeding, yet. On 31 January he appeared to make a quick journey out to the islands in the Gulf of Tadjoura, and most recently, he has been in the vicinity of Assa Gaila, a frontier town with a population of about 700.

The migration of Egyptian vulture from Africa back to Eurasia is probably starting. We'll have to see if Assamo makes a move or stays.  Given Assamo's apparent age (adult) we'd guess that he should breed soon, if he has not done so before.

Movements of Assamo during 31 January - 9 February 2014

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