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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Assamo back in Djibouti

Early on 20 November Assamo was still hanging around Adigala, where he has been since the beginning of July (almost 5 months...look at earlier posts).  However, he started to move on that day and in the evening roosted about 20 km NW of the Djiboutian town of Ali Sabieh.  On 21 November Assamo left his roost early and by 0930 was already at a location about 15 km NE of Tadjoura (where he was caught back in March).  He has stayed in that area since, and on 29 November was located about 30 km NW of Obock. Interestingly, since moving into Djibouti, he seems now to be moving around amongst small settlements, rather than focusing on a larger population center like Adigala.

Assamo moves back to Djibouti, late November 2013.
Just as Assamo has left Ethiopia, another has arrived from Bulgaria.  Have a look at the the movements of Svetlina.

Finally, some more bad news about poisoning of vultures in southern Africa:  https://www.facebook.com/andre.botha3/posts/10151763127104080:0 

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