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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Assamo still in Adigala

Assamo spent early September mostly around Adigala (See map below).  His movements during these two weeks are very similar to movements in the past three months.  On 8-10 October he did make an excursion about 9 km to the north.  There he spent time near a new road that runs through the hills just south of a mining operation.  I tried to find out about mining in the area using the internet, but did not have any luck.  The Adigala block is an area being leased for oil exploration, but I think this is at a quite early stage and I don't know if any exploration wells have been drilled yet.  Does anyone know about mining activity north of Adigala?

Assamo's movements 1-16 September 2013.

In other vulture news...

Bulgarian Egyptian vultures are on the move: http://lifeneophron.eu/en/news-view/196.html
In Andalucia Egyptian vultures are breeding again   www.4vultures.org/news  They had been extirpated three years ago, but an anti poisoning campaign seems to be reaping benefits.



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