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Monday, July 1, 2013

Assamo is in Ethiopia

During the last two weeks of June Assamo has been in eastern Ethiopia, near the borders with Djibouti and Somalia.  He has spent a lot of his time around the town of Adigala.   I tried to find out more about the region, but was unsuccessful.  There seems to be at least some potential for oil development, but that seems to be prospective at the moment.

Assamo's locations during 17 - 30 June 2013.
The pattern of locations off to the south of Adigala suggest (to me at least) that there might be a power line that parallels the road, and that Assamo may be perching on the pylons.  I hope they are safe!   His last location is the one that is farthest south.  We'll have to wait to see if he keeps moving.

Assamo moved within a fairly limited area around Adigala, Ethiopia during 17-30 June 2013.

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