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Friday, April 19, 2013

Assamo kml

For those of you with Google Earth I have posted a kml here of Assamo's movements during 5-14 April 2013. With this you can better see what Assamo has been doing.  When you open the kml it should give you a view similar to the one below. You can zoom into locations and see that some of them are very close to human habitation or roads.  Some of the locations near roads may also be when Assamo is perching on a power pole, which could be an electrocution hazard for him/her.  So far so good, but Assamo lives in a hazardous environment... Although Djibouti does not seem to be as hazardous as other places.  More on that in a later post.  You will also see that many of the locations are at the same place, meaning Assamo spends a lot of time just standing around.

For those of you no used to Google Earth, if you put your cursor on a location and left click, then properties will be shown of that location, including date, time and other information.

Map of locations in downloadable kml

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